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ARIVA Hotel GmbH

The complex service spectrum of our service providers and operating companies in the DIRINGER & SCHEIDEL group

From the year 2000, our enthusiasm for construction and technology led us to open up new fields of business and turn early to the development and operation of service properties. Today, we manage, look after and operate various properties in the care, hotel, retail and office sectors.

Today, more than half of the total of 3,500 employees are now employed in the service sector of the group.


Service in the following areas:

  • Development and operation of inpatient and outpatient care facilities and senior citizens' service residential complexes
  • Development and operation of hotel facilities
  • Technical and commercial facility management (real estate used for private and commercial purposes)
  • Property management (real estate used for private and commercial purposes)
  • Planning services and project management for office buildings Modernisation and conversion of existing buildings, taking over space and relocation management
  • Development and operation of retail and mixed-use properties