Pipe rehabilitation

Trenchless, there is no better - we guide you safely through the high-tech world of trenchless pipe rehabilitation.

The pipe rehabilitation experts at D&S possess all the technical know-how and master the full range of well-engineered technologies for Europe-wide applications.

Trenchless rehabilitation with its procedures often proves to be advantageous for urgently needed trenchless repairs, renovations and renewals of wastewater systems with a tight time frame, during ongoing operations of companies or in hard-to-reach structures or regions.

Signed and sealed: D&S Rohrsanierung is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and is entitled to use all the necessary quality marks of evaluation group ‘S’, as well as holding DVGW
(Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) certification.

A comprehensive comparative systems analysis enables one-stop customised and economic solutions: from compact pipes and different tubular lining procedures to cement-mortar lining, relining and pipe reduction, robotics, underground pipeline rehabilitation down to pipe bursting methods and manual rehabilitation. The burst lining process is carried out by our Competence Centre of the Construction Company, Dessau-Roßlau branch. You will find this know-how in the area of construction on this website.

Over and above all this, our decades of experience feed into the successful development and production of new systems, products and technical components for this future market.